Cortez Cortez (B)

Belgium is known for having the finest selection of beers (and cafes) in the world, the most delicious chocolate, the insanely talented National football team called the Red Devils and since not long ago: Cortez Cortez, its own Neil Young Tribute Band. Cortez Cortez is a band forged in the triangle of the cities Antwerp, Ghent and Waregem. Its drummer, bass and guitar player had been playing together for years since college, until they eventually found Neils long lost brother from another mother through the renowned Belgian Rock Magazine "HUMO". When watching Jan doing his iPad audition of the song "Speakin Out" on his Old Black, we were hooked. Built on the foundations and experience of notorious bands like Hands Off The Barmaid, Heartwash & The Mind Ramblers, these four guys felt their passion for the music and the career of the Canadian legend deserved it's own professional tribute band, and immediately got off to work rehearsing. The band formed in late 2013 and has been starring bars, festivals, weddings and other private parties since then, chanelling the spirit of Neil and The Horse. Their band chemistry and friendship on and off stage has proven crucial in performing the songs that made Neil & the members of Stray Gators living legends. We're very happy to announce that beginning 2019, multi-instrumentalist Jan Oelbrandt agreed to join Cortez Cortez. Jan, established since his solo-act Dobrojean, collaborated with the cream of the crop of the Belgian music scene. He was sidekick to Guy Swinnen & Willy Willy, played and recorded with Patrick Riguelle, Irish Coffee, Roland Van Campenhout, Wigbert, Steven De Bruyn, Sarah Ferri and countless others. His gracious pedal steel, lap steel and dobro sounds will now add more colour and diversity to the music of Cortez Cortez. As our fifth member, he can take on the role of Ben Keith, our own "Stringman".

Jan “Neil” Van Reed (vocals & guitar)
Simon “Billy” Blanchaert (bass)
Thijs “Raplhie” Ameye (drums & backings)
Steven “Poncho” Fauconier (guitars, keys & backings)
Jan “Ben” Oelbrandt (steel guitars & backings)