Live Rust Band

Uit Italiƫ (Rome) afkomstige 6-mans Neil Young cover band.
Ook worden regelmatig uitstapjes naar Crosby, Stills en Nash en Buffalo Springfield gemaakt..

Het verhaal van de Live Rust Band:

If there is one thing that unites all people, above all things, it is music, an exceptional catalyst, this is our case, a group of friends, the nucleus of the current band, that after starting from boys to approach the music, and then divided, as it happens, in different ways, but growing individually, being part of various groups of the Roman musical entourage, and reunited after 40 years, with all the musical baggage accumulated over the years, finally together for a new experience, due to the passion for American folk-rock music, specifically the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, music with which we grew up, we matured and that brought us to the current fruitful reunion.
we go around, where we can play this music, which finds not only in Italy, but around the world a myriad of fans. The name of our band – Live Rust Band – is the first live album of Neil Young, recorded in 1978 , during the tour with Crazy Horse, in fact Live Rust, the same from which the material that formed the album Rust Never Sleeps.

De band bestaat uit:

Maurizio Boldrini: gitaar, keyboard, pedalsteel en zang
Luciano De Alexandris (The Duke): gitaar en zang
Enzo Cutuli: bas en zang
Bruno Borreca: drum en zang
Raffaele Scenati: gitaar, harmonica en zang
Claudio Corbucci: leadgitaar